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5 Great Summer House Renovation Ideas

T&G Builders summer house renovation ideas

One summer house renovation idea is to update your front porch and make it comfortable for the season.

Spring and summer are two of the best times of the year to renovate your home. Additionally, these are times in which many people may realize that they need to make a few renovations to their summer house. If you are looking for ways to update your home’s appearance or functionality and comfort, consider planning one of the following five summer house renovation ideas. 

Update Your Front Porch 

One popular summer house renovation idea is to finally update your front porch. This is a relatively simple way to make your entire home look more attractive and welcoming. When you update the front porch, you also help your home stay resistant to summer weather and its damaging effects. To update your porch, you can invest in new siding, paint it, replace the flooring, and then even add fresh furniture or accessories. 

Add Ceiling Fans 

Installing ceiling fans is another home renovation project that is especially beneficial during the summer. While this may not initially seem necessary if you have air conditioning units in place, adding ceiling fans to a few select rooms can work with the air conditioning to create a cool environment. Adding ceiling fans can also be a way to increase your energy efficiency if you are looking for more affordable solutions. 

Install New Home Windows

All home windows can become damaged over time by weather or use. If you want to increase the function and safety of your windows while increasing your home’s appearance, you can install new windows during your summer house renovation. Meeting with the professionals is essential for planning your new window installations, as they can provide you with the best guidance on what windows will work best for your existing home design. 

Renovate Your Kitchen 

Another critical summer house renovation may be a kitchen update. Kitchen fixtures tend to become outdated faster than other appliances or fixtures. Investing in new kitchen cabinets, appliances, lighting, backsplash, and more can significantly improve your kitchen’s appearance and function. 

Upgrade Exterior Lighting Systems

Finally, upgrading your exterior lighting systems can be a great renovation to pursue this summer. If you are still using incandescent bulbs, consider upgrading to energy-efficient LED lights. Ensuring that you have excellent exterior lighting systems can increase the appearance of your home while providing convenience and visibility to you and your visitors. You will want to make sure that outdoor areas like front walkways, decks, patios, and pool areas have adequate outdoor lighting so people can navigate those spaces safely. 

Build Your Dream Home With T&G Builders

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