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What Time of Year Is Best for Building Home Additions

T&G Builders building home additions

Homeowners should consider which season is best for their projects before building home additions.

When you’re ready to add an addition to your home, you must consider many different factors. One of those factors worth considering carefully is what time of year is best for building your addition. Each season provides various benefits and potential drawbacks, so it is well worth considering which season is best for your project. Read on to discover a few other factors you should consider before building home additions, as well as a few times of year in which these projects can take place. 

Factors to Consider Before Building an Addition 

You should consider a few other scheduling factors before planning your home addition build this year: 

  • Vacations: Is your family likely to book extensive vacations during certain seasons? 
  • Hosting Events: Are you planning on hosting major events this year? Would you prefer to schedule the construction after the event, or would the new addition make your event even better? 
  • Using Your New Addition: Will your addition be used more during one season? For instance, if you’re adding a guest bedroom because you have lots of guests over for the winter holidays, you will want to schedule construction, so it is completed before the winter.

Late Winter Additions

The first few months of the year can be pretty cold, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t the right time for building home additions. If you want to use your addition during the summer, then starting after the new year may be best. 

Spring Into Action 

Once the weather starts warming up, the remodeling industry starts up again in full force. Springtime is when many homeowners start initiating remodeling projects. So, while the warm weather may be helpful to both you and your design team, it’s important to keep in mind that many design teams and materials are in high demand. However, depending on the complexity of your home addition, it may still be completed before summer is in full swing. 

Summer and Early Autumn 

Contractors stay busy throughout the summer and into early autumn. This time is busy because many families want extensive projects completed before school starts and the busy holiday season begins. If your summers are relaxed, with more free time, this season may be best for building home additions. 

Early Winter Considerations 

Once school and autumn are in full swing, you might find that winter works well for building your addition. If you don’t intend to celebrate the winter holidays or are traveling somewhere else for those holidays, the end of the year may be a time that works well for your project. The winter season is slower than others, and you won’t be competing with other homeowners for time and resources. 

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