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5 Thanksgiving-Approved Kitchen Designs

T&G Builders thanksgiving-approved kitchen designs

Thanksgiving-approved kitchen designs include open concept plans, which allow for easy movement between the kitchen and social areas.

Hosting Thanksgiving dinner can ultimately be a lot of fun, although preparing the dinner can be quite stressful. Fortunately, Thanksgiving food prep can become much more manageable or even enjoyable with the right kitchen design! If you have any of the following Thanksgiving-approved kitchen designs, read on to learn how you can utilize them to make your dining experience a breeze. If you don’t yet have one of these kitchen designs, consider renovating your kitchen in the new year to create a kitchen that will make next year’s Thanksgiving a stress-free experience. 

Clever Spacing

Cooking for the family often means that you end up cooking with the family. When your kitchen has wide walkways and enough room between the sink and oven, your kitchen can feel opened up and larger than it is. This means that on holidays like Thanksgiving, when the kids want to pitch in, or other family members want to sneak some peeks at the turkey, your kitchen has enough room to fit everyone. 

Plenty of Countertops

A Thanksgiving-approved kitchen design will naturally have lots of counter space. When you’re serving up elaborate dinner and dessert options, you need someplace to put all that food. A kitchen with lots of counter space provides you with a place to put all of your turkey, stuffing, drinks, and desserts.

A countertop-heavy kitchen can be helpful if you want to keep your food in the kitchen, so your dining table is less cluttered. Adding an island to your kitchen can be an especially great way to add extra counter space and food prep areas. 

Open Concept Floor Plan

When your kitchen, dining room, or living room are connected through an open concept floor plan, hosting Thanksgiving dinner can be even easier. Open concept kitchens allow for easy mingling between family members, even when some people prepare food in the kitchen and others watch a football game or set the table. Once it’s time to serve dinner, carrying heavy plates of food is also easier when there are fewer doorways, corners, and walls to navigate. 

Multi-Functional Kitchen Design 

You can create a Thanksgiving-approved kitchen design by adding items like a second oven, a bigger fridge, or a more complex stovetop. If you feel limited by your current appliances, you can create a more multi-functional design with an upgrade. These appliances can help you store more food and multi-task more easily on Thanksgiving. 

Easy-to-Clean Design

Of course, you also want a kitchen design that makes Thanksgiving cleanup easy to manage. Incorporating easy-to-clean tile backsplash, countertops, and flooring into your kitchen design can make this process easier. You can even design islands with built-in trash chutes that make cleanup during food prep more convenient, so you can clean as you go. 

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