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The Advantages of an Open Plan Kitchen

T&G Builders open plan kitchen

An open plan kitchen can provide you with more space, natural light, and versatility.

Over time, the clear divisions of rooms within the home have evolved. The open plan concept is being used in modern homes and in small houses where saving space is essential. Although some people are still on the fence regarding open plan designs, they do have unique advantages. In particular, an open plan kitchen is especially popular and brings unique benefits to any home design. To discover what some of these advantages are, read on to learn more about an open plan kitchen. 

Greater Space

When you remove partitions, walls, and other barriers that divide rooms, you gain space. Your kitchen will appear bigger when it’s open, rather than if it was divided by a wall into a nearby living space. When designing an open plan kitchen, you can define the different areas or “rooms” by selecting distinct decor. For example, many people use a sofa or the dining table to create a barrier between a kitchen and a living room. 

Potential Access to More Natural Light

Walls and partitions can reduce the natural light that enters a room because the illumination from your windows can’t reflect further into the home. However, when designing an open plan kitchen, you have no barriers to accessing that beautiful natural light. This will not only help your kitchen and living room seem bigger and brighter but enable you to cut back on energy costs by reducing your reliance on electric lighting. 

Improved Communication 

An open plan kitchen allows for better communication between household members. This can be useful for when family members move in and out of the kitchen and when you have guests over. You won’t have to leave the conversation when you go to prepare a meal in the kitchen. Conversation can flow, and help can easily be found when your kitchen walls are gone.

A Solution for Smaller Houses

If you live in a smaller house, where the room sizes are somewhat restrictive, you may have difficulty moving around as you would like. In these homes, an open plan can be an excellent solution. You will gain more space and greater mobility, creating more cooking versatility in your kitchen. When you fuse your living room and kitchen, your home will look bigger than before. 

Open Plan Kitchens Reduce Cleaning Time

Nobody likes spending a significant amount of time on household chores. When you create an open plan kitchen, you have less to clean. By removing doors and walls, you make cleaning more efficient and accessible. 

Additionally, with an open plan kitchen, you can prepare meals while keeping an eye on young children in the next room. Open floor plans are ultimately beneficial for homeowners who wish to enjoy more space, more natural light, and easier communication with family and friends. 

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