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5 Helpful Tips for Designing Your Custom Home

tips for designing a custom home

Remember these useful tips when designing your custom home.

Bringing your dream home to life starts with first envisioning what you want your custom home to be. Designing and building a custom home is a significant undertaking, so you should feel confident in your designs and eager to see them through. When planning your new home, you also want to make sure it is suitable for future changes, so you don’t need to make any adjustments in the next few years. Remembering the following tips can help you design a custom home suited perfectly to your lifestyle. 

Start Simple

When determining your custom home’s needs, start simple. List your basic requirements for the home, including the number of bedrooms and bathrooms and how many floors work best for you. 

Think of the Future

Then, think about your long-term needs. You will naturally need a kitchen for many years, but you may also need to consider whether you need space for future children, in-laws, or visiting relatives. If you run a business from your home or create music, for example, you may also want to create an effective workspace or practice room. 

Prioritize Home Features

When designing your custom home, consider what home features are most important to you. What features are most important for your lifestyle, and how much space do you need for those features? These custom home features can include open plan living spaces, walk-in showers, a spacious laundry room, and more. 

Window Placement and Lighting

Consider the placement of your windows when designing your custom home. Depending on which direction the sun rises and sets, your rooms can catch beautiful natural light. In rooms that won’t receive as much natural light, you can install the proper lighting you need to keep the rooms well-lit. 

When designing a custom waterfront home, you will also want to consider which window placement allows for the very best views of the water.

Get Expert Advice

When designing your custom home, seek advice from professionals whenever possible. T&G Builders has extensive experience building custom homes of all shapes and sizes and can advise you on the best plans for your new, custom-made home. 

Build Your Dream Home With T&G Builders

T&G Builders, located in Berlin, MD, has been a premier waterfront custom home builder and home improvement contractor serving Worcester and Sussex Counties for over 25 years. We are a locally owned and operated business known for our uncompromising commitment to quality, our passion for using innovative technology and premium materials to complete projects, and our exceptional attention to detail. In addition to building custom homes, we also specialize in remodeling your current house into your dream home! Our skilled team can assess your needs, determine the right design for your addition or improvement, and complete the entire construction process.

To see what your dream home could look like and receive a free home design, contact us today! Don’t forget to follow T&G Builders on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Houzz.

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