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Design Ideas for Beach House Interiors

t&g builders beach house interiors

Adding a tropical print is one way to add some fun to your beach house interiors.

The beauty of a beach house is unique. The design trends popular for beach homes all create relaxing and spacious areas that facilitate a luxurious and soothing beach vacation. Beach houses often feature light and airy spaces, pastel shades, and ocean-related accents. Designing your beach house interior is not quite the same as designing a regular home. When designing beach house interiors, you want to not only create comfort but create an atmosphere that transfers the calm of the beach into your home. If you’re considering a remodel or design for your new beach property, read on for a few interior design ideas. 

Open Floor Plans

Beach house interiors benefit best from open floor plans that create that breezy atmosphere beach homeowners love so much. An open concept helps rooms flow seamlessly into each other while creating a more cohesive look and living experience. 

Connect Indoors and Outdoors

Access to open air is a vital part of a beach house. Beach homeowners often don’t want just a place to sit outside but places to entertain, dine, and relax. You can help merge beach house interiors and exteriors by adding floor-length windows that view the ocean and adding sliding doors that open onto patios or decks. This way, you can maintain your view when seated indoors or outdoors.

Use Natural Textures

Going to the beach is a sensory experience, and you can keep that experience going while in your home. Rough and raw natural textures can help capture that natural beach feel. Consider using design elements like rattan fixtures, wooden tables, and jute area rugs.

Use Botanical Prints

Botanical design elements can help you get into a tropical mindset. Botanical design elements are easy to find, from wallpapers to curtains and bedroom decor. A botanical, tropical design can be especially fun for families with young children.

Neutral Colors and Bright Accents

A soothing, neutral color palette will create that relaxed, beach-like atmosphere you desire. Tall, bright white walls will create an elegant and cooling atmosphere. Adding sandy beige tones recreates the sense of being on the beach. 

However, after creating a neutral base, you can add lively colors for accents. Vibrant pops of yellow, coral, and turquoise can add fun energy to your beach house interiors. If you want a more elegant look, consider adding accents in shades of dark navy and stone.

Build a Casual Atmosphere

You can create a casual home interior by adding soft upholstery, low-luster surfaces, and textured fabrics. You want your home to be full of soft, touchable fixtures that make every room inviting. 

Add an Outdoor Shower

One of the perks of a beach house is an outdoor shower. This can be a great addition to your home that lets you thoroughly wash off all sand and grime after a day at the beach. Additionally, washing up under the sun or stars can be a soothing, unique experience. Outdoor showers can easily be designed for privacy and comfort while maintaining a simple design that aligns with your casual, welcoming beach house. 

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