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5 Types of Unique Open Shelving for Your Kitchen

T&G Builders open shelving

There are a variety of open shelving designs that can lead style and convenience to your kitchen.

There are countless ways to design your kitchen, especially when it comes to your shelving and storage. Open shelving has become increasingly popular as a versatile, contemporary design feature that can provide convenience and extra opportunities for style and creativity. Open shelving can be both practical and stylish while costing less than traditional cabinetry. If you are considering adding open shelving to your kitchen, there are several ways you can do so to suit various home designs. 

Rustic Open Shelving

Installing open kitchen shelving provides you with an excellent opportunity to add a rustic touch to your kitchen. Thick, sawn wood shelves can be quite sturdy while making a rustic yet subtle impact on your kitchen’s appearance. 

Glass Shelving Across Windows

An emerging modern design trend is placing glass shelving across kitchen windows. When using suspended glass shelves in this arrangement, it creates an appearance of floating dishes. This unique design touch can add elegance and modernity to an updated kitchen.

Floating Wood Shelves

Floating wood shelves will look great in almost any kitchen. This type of shelving is not suspended or visible attached to any instruments. This creates a seamless, floating look that adds a modern touch to traditional wood shelves. 

Suspended Shelves

In this open shelving design, the shelving is suspended from the ceiling by piping, fabricated metal, or wire hooks. These shelves can be statement additions to your kitchen design and really offer something unique. The metal features also give you a chance to use bold brass or solid black materials that add bold accents to your kitchen color scheme. These shelves do not affect your backsplash, which is one benefit some homeowners may particularly enjoy. 

Corner Shelves

Corner shelving is a great way to make use of otherwise unusable or awkward corner space. Corner cabinets can be especially uncomfortable to use because of the limitations on how you can open the cabinets. Open shelving in corners, however, is a bit more usable and practical for storage. 

If you are looking for a way to increase the practicality of your kitchen design while eliminating the hassle of cabinets and hardware and adding unique style, open shelving is worth considering. If you are updating your kitchen, or just tired of your cabinet storage, adding open shelving can instantly change your kitchen’s appearance and functionality for the better. 

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