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Design Ideas for a Kid-Friendly Home

kid-friendly home T&G Builders

A kid-friendly home design can include low shelves and furniture with rounded edges.

If you are preparing to design a new room or addition suitable for children, that task brings specific challenges. Is it possible to create an elegant design you can enjoy as an adult while still creating a room that can withstand the wear and tear of young kids? Ultimately, planning a home design that is safe for kids and a busy family lifestyle requires planning and consideration. Before you create your plan, consider the following recommendations for a kid-friendly home.

Embrace Color and Patterns

Kids are likely to track in dirt or be reckless with their arts and crafts, which can pose a risk to white walls. For rooms in which you expect your kids to play or learn, consider using color or patterns. There are plenty of attractive, darker shades of paint, wallpaper, and furniture you can select that conveniently hide stains. 

Invest in Tough Kid-Friendly Materials

Rather than continually fearing for the safety of your delicate fabrics and furniture, consider investing in tougher materials and finishes for the first few years of your child’s life. For instance, painting baseboards and walls with an eggshell, semigloss, or satin finish will be useful as those finishes are easily scrubbable if your child should leave a stain. 

When selecting fabrics for sofas or chairs, consider thick fabrics, washable slip guards, or stain-resistant finishes. Finally, look for flooring that wipes easily with mild soap and water. This can include laminate, tile, wood, or linoleum. Carpets can be cozy but retain smells and stains.

Design Spaces for Children

There are other ways you can design a kid-friendly home. Besides child-proofing materials and floors from damages, you can also make a few home tools easier to use. For instance, adding a built-in under-cabinet stool to your bathroom vanity can make reaching the sink easier for children. 

Specially-placed closet rods placed lower to the ground can enable your child to select their clothes and put them away. In a toy room, you can also include small shelves at child-height that help your child use their toys and clean up the room independently. Make sure any additions are easy to replace as your child grows up. 

Give Them A Wall

In your child’s playroom or bedroom, you may even include one wall painted with magnetic chalkboard paint. This lets your child express themselves in a controlled space and use magnets to decorate their wall with their original drawings. 

Install Rounded Furniture

To keep your kid-friendly home safe, select furniture with rounded corners and edges to prevent painful accidents. 

Designing a kid-friendly home can take a lot of thought, but the result can still be fun and safe for children while remaining stylish and easy-to-clean for adults. 

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