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7 Tips for Building a Comfortable In-Law Suite

comfortable in-law suite

When creating a comfortable in-law suite, remember to add in a new, easy-to-use washer/dryer set.

Multi-generational households are becoming increasingly common. In some cases, older parents are moving in with their adult children. If you plan to have your parents move in with you for a long-term stay, you should consider building an in-law suite addition to your home. An in-law suite can be an excellent way for older adults to retain their independence while remaining close to you. The following seven tips will help you create a comfortable in-law suite that creates a welcoming environment for your parents or in-laws. 

Give the Suite a Separate Entrance

An in-law suite with a separate entrance reinforces the sense of independence that an in-law suite can provide. Additionally, local building codes may require a separate entrance. Make sure that this door has a secure lock and a small window or peephole. You can add a deadbolt for extra security and a doorbell or knocker. 

Make it Accessible

When you build a new space, you have the opportunity to make it accessible for wheelchairs, walkers, and more. You never know what the future might hold, so it is best to accommodate potential future changes. It is much easier to build an accessible and comfortable in-law suite now than to readjust it later. 

Highlight Natural Light

To improve the sense of space in what can sometimes feel like a small suite, allow as much natural light into the suite as possible. Your contractor can help you determine the best placement for windows, or perhaps skylights, to benefit from natural sunlight. 

Make it Easy to Clean

A sure way to create a comfortable in-law suite is to create one that can easily remain clean and tidy. Older adults may not be able to give their suite a deep clean, so it’s best to first furnish the space with easy-to-clean materials. Fuss-free materials and designs that won’t collect a lot of dust will be essential. A few materials to consider are laminate, rather than granite countertops, and bamboo flooring rather than broadloom. You can also embed lights for overhead lighting rather than installing hanging fixtures. 

Install a Private Laundry

Providing your in-laws with their own clothes washer and dryer can be a great way to give them more independence. Additionally, it prevents confusion as to who is using the washer in the main house. Pick small apartment-sized appliances and front-loading whenever possible. 

Separate Heating and Cooling

If possible, give the heating and cooling system in the in-law suite separate controls from the main residence. This is especially practical, as your in-laws will know best whether they need more cool air or heat. 

Good Sound Separation 

Sound insulation improves the quality of all living spaces. If the in-law suite will be sharing a wall with the rest of the house, insulation is beneficial. Even detached suites can use sound insulation from nearby yards or driveways. This can create a comfortable in-law suite that genuinely feels like an independent home, separate from the family house. 

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