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Luxury Features to Add to Your Master Bedroom

luxury features for a master bedroom

Consider adding luxurious features like a bold, statement bed to your master bedroom.

You can spend one-third of your life sleeping, so shouldn’t you give your bedroom a little extra love? There are countless design options available for bedrooms, many of which can add a touch of luxury to your spacious master bedroom. If you’re looking for a way to upgrade your largest bedroom, adding a few of the luxurious features below can add a significant boost in comfort and style. 

Extra Large Windows

Adding extra-large windows to your master bedroom can provide you with ample natural lighting, in addition to beautiful views. Adding large windows to your coastal home’s master bedroom can even help you take advantage of soothing ocean views. 

Hanging Bedside Lighting

Instead of taking up space on your nightstands with table lamps, you may consider installing hanging lighting attached to the ceiling or walls around your bed. This can add a clean, functional look while freeing up space on your nightstand. You may even install a dimmer switch to provide a variety of lighting options. 

The Bed

When it comes to your master bedroom bed, there are a few compelling options to consider: 

  • Low-profile bed: Many homeowners are discovering the appeal of low-profile beds and no-fuss bedding. You no longer need to stick to the tradition of bulky, high-rise beds. 
  • Statement bed: If you’re feeling bold, you can add a statement bed for a pop of style. You may consider a bed frame with bright colors, a unique architectural design, or perhaps a grand four-poster bed.
  • Headboards: Finding unique, beautiful headboards can make a big difference in the appearance of your bed. Even a simple bed can become beautiful with the addition of a stylish headboard. 

Hidden Features

A large master bedroom can contain various design elements, including ones hidden from view for convenience and simplicity. For instance, you may consider adding a hidden makeup vanity or writing nook. A ceiling pocket for draperies is also a great way to hide the hardware used to hang your drapes. 

Eclectic Art

The master bedroom can be a great space to indulge in your artistic sensibilities. Feel free to experiment with art pieces that are a little outside of the box to create an environment that stimulates your mind and feels like your personal oasis. 

What to Remember

The master bedroom is one of the most intimate rooms in your home. When designing your new bedroom design, make sure it reflects your personality and provides you a space to unwind and decompress at the end of each day. It should be a room that helps you relax and feel happy and rested every morning. Consider the luxurious features that may not only provide your room with beautiful style but with unbeatable comfort. 

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