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What to Do When Updating a Master Bathroom

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Are you ready to upgrade your master bathroom? Consider the following factors first.

Your master bathroom is an essential part of your home, where you spend a large part of your morning and evening. Naturally, you want this room to be as pleasant, relaxing, and functional as possible. If your current master bathroom is not providing you with any functionality or comfort, now is the time to upgrade. Before you begin your master bathroom remodel, remember the following list of tasks to focus on to ensure success. 

Set Your Budget

This is an essential first step in all remodeling projects. Consider how much you are realistically able to spend, and use that mount to guide your decisions. If your budget is smaller, you know then to focus on upgrading your bathroom’s essential elements. If your budget is quite large, you can consider fun or inventive additions to your bathroom that may be less essential but quite stylish. 

Determine Your Needs and Style

How do you use your master bathroom? Do you prefer a bathtub, shower, or both? Do you want double vanities? Do your kids use this bathroom? Considering these questions can help you determine which elements you should add to your new master bathroom. 

You should also consider what style you prefer. Whether you prefer contemporary or traditional, for example, will influence which fixtures, hardware, paint, mirrors, and more you will want to consider. 

Note What Your Space Currently Lacks

If you find yourself covering your bathroom countertops with your toiletries, towels, and appliances, you may have a storage issue. Consider adding vertical cabinets or shelves to keep these items out of sight and de-clutter your new bathroom. 

Consider the flow of the bathroom as well. Is it easy for two people to use the bathroom at once? Note what improvements can be made to make your time in your bathroom easier. 

Consider Updates

Assess your vanity cabinets, fixtures, and plumbing. Make sure your cabinets are in good shape and able to withstand humidity. Additionally, look for countertops that may be warped or cracked. If these fixtures are showing signs of wear and age, consider updating them with more durable materials. 

You may also want to update your toilet if it is older and less environmentally friendly. You can install a new toilet with more efficient flushing, which helps you save money on your water bill.

Hire a Contractor

When you have an idea of what you want, contact T&G Builders for a professional master bathroom contractor. Our skilled contractors can guide you through your bathroom remodel and help you find the best materials and appliances for your needs and budget. When you entrust your bathroom remodel to a contractor, you can ensure that your master bathroom upgrade will be successful and long-lasting. 

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