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How to Select The Best Kitchen Backsplash Tiles

T&G Builders kitchen backsplash tiles

You can install a number of kitchen backsplash tiles that can enhance your kitchen design.

When remodeling your kitchen, your cabinets and countertops are significant concerns. However, these are not the only focal points for your kitchen design. Your kitchen backsplash can be a key element of your kitchen makeover. If you are not sure where to start with selecting your perfect kitchen backsplash tiles, consider the following questions. These can help you determine what backsplash design will work best for your home design and family lifestyle. 

Do You Prefer Plain or Patterned Tile? 

Tile backsplash can be subdivided into dozens of categories, but the primary groupings are patterned and solid-color tile. If you have a patterned or “busy” countertop, you may want to choose plain kitchen backsplash tile. This will help balance boldness and subtlety in your kitchen so you don’t have an overwhelmingly busy design. 

Consider Tile Colors and Shapes

The style of your kitchen can guide you in selecting the style of your backsplash. When considering the color of your tile, you will want a backsplash that fits the other finishes in the kitchen. Consider the colors of the floors, cabinets, and countertops. Think about how your tile will look as you walk into the room: what color will tie everything together? Should you add a light or dark color to your design? 

If you want more design versatility, you may consider selecting neutral colors. This makes it easier to change pops of color in your kitchen by swapping out decor. When you have a neutral backsplash, you don’t need to worry about clashing patterns or colors. 

Does the Tile Lay Vertically or Horizontally? 

The orientation of your kitchen backsplash tile matters as much as the shape. Recently, it has been a popular choice to hang tile vertically rather than horizontally. This can emphasize the height of the ceiling, and help smaller spaces look larger. Remember you have a variety of options, so take time to play around with possibilities when selecting your backsplash. 

Consider a Design Accent Above Your Stove

In many kitchens, the area above the stove is a great location for a special feature. This can often be a square or rectangle that looks different than the rest of the backsplash. Consider your design options, and what you can do to create a beautiful focal point in this space. 

Don’t Forget About Grout! 

As you plan your remodel, don’t forget to consider the grout color between your backsplash tile. White subway tiles can look dramatically different when they have colored grout versus white grout. Select a grout color that pulls from the tile, the countertops, or your wall color. You should also remember that while white grout may provide a seamless look in some instances, it can be harder to clean. 

After considering these questions, you should be ready to install your new kitchen backsplash with T&G Builders.

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