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3 Must-Have Luxury Shower Design Features

T&G Builders luxury shower design

A luxury shower design often involves lots of space, beautiful tile, and multiple custom shower heads.

There’s nothing quite like stepping into your very own luxury shower after a long day. But what makes a shower luxurious, and how can you design the best one for your home? A luxury bathroom remodel with T&G Builders can do wonders for creating a relaxing place in your home where you can rejuvenate at the start and end of each day. Showers are a crucial element to consider during renovation. What luxury shower design features are essential for creating that high-quality environment? Be sure to consider these three factors. 


No one enjoys taking a shower in a place where they feel they cannot properly move around. If it’s difficult to scrub and wash to your contentment, it’s time to install a large, luxurious shower. Consider a shower that is at least 60 inches by 36 inches. If your shower can comfortably fit a bench or two, that makes it even better. You can also design your shower to feature built-in niches that store your shampoo, conditioner, soap, and more. This way, you don’t have to use up valuable space with shelving, and you have everything you need within arm’s reach in your shower. 

High-Quality Tiling 

One of the vital luxury shower design features is the tiling. Quality stone tiling is currently a trendy choice for a luxurious environment because natural stone is unique and helps you create a stunning design that is original to your new shower. You can also find a variety of colors and configurations to suit your bathroom design. You will surely find something that suits your style and creates the soothing, luxurious environment you desire. 

Customized Shower Heads

Of course, designing a luxury shower also requires you to consider how to guarantee an excellent showering experience. Luxury shower design often includes two shower heads, and handheld shower heads are always best for ultimate versatility. Ceiling-mount shower heads, or rain shower heads, are also quite popular because of the “rainfall” water flow they recreate. 

Your custom shower head may also allow you to fully customize your experience by adjusting several settings. Settings may include temperature control and water spray settings.

The same rule applies to your shower and bathroom design: the more you customize your experience, the more you will enjoy this space. 

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