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Transform Your Bathroom with 4 Walk-In Shower Options

T&G Builders walk-in shower

One option for your walk-in shower is a doorless design that features a sleek rain-mount showerhead.

Are you ready to update your primary bathroom? If you are interested in adding more luxury and comfort to this essential room of your home, updating the shower can be one great way to do so. Whether you are ready for a complete makeover, or only focusing on the wet area of your bathroom, adding one of the following walk-in shower options can make a significant difference. 

Install a Doorless Shower 

If you are looking for a walk-in shower that is minimalist and beautiful, a shower with a doorless design may be for you. There are a few major benefits to this shower style, including: 

  • A more open and well-lit space is created
  • You can create the illusion of adding extra square footage
  • No door means one less tricky bathroom surface to clean 

You should place your doorless shower in one of the corners of your bathroom to take advantage of the two existing walls. Rain-mount showerheads that aim downward can also work well with this design to minimize splashing the rest of your room. 

Take Advantage of Built-In Shower Features

Built-in features can be applied to your walk-in shower to increase its functionality and accessibility. However, these features don’t have to look bulky or clinical. For instance, you can incorporate a built-in bench that doubles as storage with built-in shelves. This can eliminate clutter and maintain the luxurious look of your shower. At the same time, it provides a convenient seat that makes your shower more accessible to older or disabled adults. 

Incorporate Your Tub

Do you have a tub you aren’t ready to part with? To save space while holding onto your tub, you can build a walk-in shower that incorporates the tub for a wet-room style bathroom. This bathroom design can provide luxury while offering a creative solution for a smaller space. Make sure to work with a trusted designer to determine whether a wet room is a good fit for your home. 

Add Extra Luxury with Smaller Upgrades

If you don’t want to take on a significant remodeling project, you can make several minor upgrades to your shower to give it a spa-like feel. For instance, switching out your showerhead can make a huge difference. Consider adding a rainfall showerhead, dual showerhead, or installing multiple sprayers. 

You may also turn your walk-in shower into a part-time sauna. To make this conversion, a steam generator is professionally installed that allows you to switch from a traditional shower to a steam bath. 

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