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5 Tips for Making a Small Bathroom Feel Large

T&G Builders small bathroom

A small bathroom can appear larger when you use light colors, recessed shelving, and clear glass shower doors.

Your bathroom is at its best when form meets function, and you can relax and find everything you need. If you have a small or cramped bathroom, you may not be utilizing this space as well as you would like. Fortunately, you can take steps to transform this bathroom and make it into a room that feels large and spacious. Read on to learn how to make a small bathroom appear bigger without changing the entire floor plan and rebuilding from scratch. 

Update the Shower Enclosure

Your bathroom can appear bigger with the addition of a glass frameless shower enclosure. The part of the bathroom that takes up most space is likely the shower, and there are only so many changes you can make to this space without remodeling the entire bathroom. If you want to make a minor change that makes an impact, you can install a glass enclosure. If you have enough space, you may even consider a doorless shower. Additionally, a sliding door rather than a pivoting door saves you even more space. 

Consider Tile Floors

New tile floors can add an entirely new look by changing the tile’s color, pattern, or size. You can enhance a small bathroom by placing tile up to the ceiling and creating a cohesive, smooth appearance. Additionally, lighter colors provide a more “airy” appearance and can significantly enhance a bathroom lacking in natural light. 

Install Shelving and Storage

Bulky storage options in a small bathroom can quickly crowd the space. To save space without sacrificing storage, you may install recessed shelving units. 

You can also replace the vanity cabinet with a pedestal sink. Pedestal sinks can give you more floor space, but your countertop will shrink, and you will have to consider where you will place those items. 

Update the Paint

One of the easiest ways to update a small bathroom is to change the paint. Lighter colors are often what will make your bathroom appear larger. If you have bright, light-colored accents, your wall colors could be a few shades darker. However, when natural light is unavailable, and your accent colors add dark tones, opt for light colors on the wall. 

Another tip is to decrease the number of color contrasts in your space. Creating a uniform appearance for your bathroom helps make the room feel less crowded. 

Select the Best Décor 

You can always enhance the appearance of your bathroom by selecting the best décor. When decorating a small bathroom, it can be easy to create clutter. Remember that less is more, and be mindful of how many pieces of artwork are on the wall, how many trinkets are on the sink, and how many rugs you may have on the floor. 

You can also update your mirror. A larger mirror creates the illusion of more space and reflects more light into the room. Additionally, frameless mirrors help create the feeling of a small but spacious bathroom. 

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