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Everything You Want to Know About Building a Guest House

T&G Builders building a guest house

There are many factors to consider before building a guest house on your property.

Growing families, extended families, and multi-generational families are all looking for ways to add more space to their property. They can do this by building a guest house that permits friends and family from far away to visit and stay comfortably. Or, you can use a guest home as housing for in-laws who wish to maintain their independence. There are many benefits to building a guest house on your property and several home styles you can select for your new addition. You likely have many questions regarding your new guest house; read on to learn everything you want to know about building this new home addition. 

The Benefits of Hiring a Contractor

While it may seem more affordable or even easier just to get started on building your guest house by yourself, the process can be complicated if you haven’t done it before. Working with experienced home builders from T&G Builders can help you avoid complex problems. For instance, your contractor understands what is allowed in your municipality, what permits are required, and what construction regulations apply. Experienced contractors can also help find the best location for the guest house on your property, so you don’t lose any existing beauty of your home.

The Benefits of Building a Guest House

There are numerous benefits of adding a guest home to your property, with the most notable being: 

  • Additional living space
  • Increased comfort that allows guests to feel at home
  • Increased privacy for a relaxing moment away from the busy main house
  • Comfortable multi-generational living
  • A chance to gain additional income by renting the space
  • Useful place for home staffing
  • Increased property value
  • A chance to upgrade hardscaping and landscaping designs

The Types of Guest Houses

The possibilities are nearly endless when considering what type of guest house you wish to build. The following are the primary types you can consider: 

  • Detached new construction guest houses: When yard space isn’t an issue, this may be your best choice as it creates less disruption than building an attached guest house. 
  • Garage conversion: an advantage to garage guest houses is that the foundation already exists, as well as walls and electricity. 
  • Above-garage or workshop houses: If you don’t have much space in your backyard, adding up instead of out can still be a viable option when building a guest house.
  • Bump-outs: A bump-out is an extra space that is a bit smaller than a complete addition. Your contractor can create a bump-out that fits what you have on your list of guest house needs and place it into a smaller space. 
  • Modular guest houses: In this case, many of the parts that make up the modular home are built off-site and assembled at your property. You will need to have the foundation ready before the house is constructed. 

Discussing with your contract and design team your space limitations and goals for your guest house can help you decide which build is best. 

Build Your Dream Home With T&G Builders

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