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3 Remodeling Projects to Add More Space without Extra Square Footage

T&G Builders remodeling projects add more space

You can add more space to your home without adding on by removing interior walls and creating an open floor plan.

In any home, space is a valuable commodity. You may want to add a guest bedroom or home office or expand your entertainment space. A home addition can be a great solution for adding more space to your home, but it can be a significant undertaking. If you are searching for an alternative way to create more space without adding square footage to your property, consider the three ideas below. There may be plenty of under-utilized space already waiting inside your home. 

Finish Your Garage

Finishing spaces like your garage, basement, or attic can be a great way to add more space without extra square footage. Adding a roof or foundation can be the most challenging part when building a home addition. When you remodel these rooms you already have the foundation and roof. 

With the guidance of an experienced contractor, you can convert your garage into a comfortable home gym, office, or playroom for your children. If your garage is disconnected from your home, it may even work as an independent guest bedroom suite. 

Remove Interior Walls

If you don’t have an adequate basement or attic space to finish, consider your existing layout. Do you have any interior walls you can do without? Removing a wall can significantly open up a space and create more room and versatility. This can be especially useful if you want to expand your kitchen or you want an open floor plan that not only makes your home feel more spacious but makes movement and visibility between rooms much easier. 

There are two types of walls: non-load bearing and load-bearing. It is possible to remove both types, but it is easier to remove interior walls that are non-load bearing walls. When considering your remodeling project, consult with the experienced contractors at T&G Builders to determine your best options. 

Convert Under-Utilized Space

Look at the space you have in your home. Are you using it in the most efficient way? There are likely some areas of your home that are under-utilized, which can offer you the space you need. This includes smaller areas; consider adding built-in storage under staircases or repurposing an unused closet as a small work area with a built-in desk. 

If you have a guest bedroom that is rarely used, you may find it more beneficial to turn this space into a gym or children’s playroom. Alternatively, if you have a playroom you no longer need now that your kids are grown, you can convert that space into something you can use. 

You have numerous options when you want to add more space to your home without adding on extra square footage. Call T&G Builders today to start discussing your creative remodeling options. 

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