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3 Home Renovations That Always Boost Curb Appeal

T&G Builders home renovations boost curb appeal

A few home renovations can always boost your curb appeal including updating your siding and entrance.

First impressions are often the longest lasting. This doesn’t just apply to people, but homes as well. This is why thinking about your home’s curb appeal can be worthwhile. The exterior is always what your visitors see first, and sometimes the only part people see of your property. When it comes to the exterior, three home renovations always boost curb appeal. So whether you want to present a beautiful home to your neighbors or increase the appeal and sale price of your property, it can be worth investing in these exterior renovations. 

Transform Your Entrance 

Updating your home’s entrance may be as simple as replacing or repairing your front door. You may also add a portico to create a covered entryway or add columns and stonework to update the appearance of your home. 

Repainting your door with a bold, cheerful color can make your home more welcoming in an instant. Or, if you want to update a classic wooden door, you can breathe new life into the entrance with a fresh wood stain. If your front door is quite old, you may consider replacing it entirely, not just for aesthetic reasons but also for safety. 

No matter what updates you decide on, make sure to pair design elements well so your new entryway looks as if it has always been a part of your home. 

Update Your Home Siding 

One of the most common home renovations to boost curb appeal is the repainting or residing of your home. This can be an efficient way to turn an older, tired-looking property into the best-looking house on the block.

Repainting your home can also help highlight specific architectural elements. You can choose a bold, contrasting color for trim, shutters, and doors to help these elements stick out against the backdrop of the siding. 

You will also want to consider boosting the durability of your home’s exterior. Your new exterior should handle seasonal changes, resist rot, and keep out pests. The professional home builders at T&G Builders can help you determine which materials are best for your property.

Refresh Your Windows

Your home’s windows are excellent sources of natural light and help create a comfortable, cozy home. However, if your windows are outdated, they may be hurting your home more than helping it. Old windows can allow pests to creep inside and may let in warm or cold air through the cracks. 

By updating your windows, you can ensure that they are adequately sealed, so pests and cold air stay outside. However, if you don’t need to replace your windows, you can still update their appearance. Shutters can be added to add more shade, and window boxes or window sills can create a beautiful spot for flowers and seasonal decorations. 

Home renovations can always boost your curb appeal, but these three exterior updates can do wonders to bring your home up to date and keep it beautiful for years to come. 

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