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How to Design a Bathroom for Two

T&G builders design a bathroom for two

A bathroom for two should have double sinks installed, and plenty of storage for each person’s belongings.

Master bathrooms can be a great addition to any home, with plenty of space to include every luxury and amenity a couple can want. However, if you don’t take advantage of your space, you may not make the bathroom as efficient and comfortable as possible. When you design a bathroom for two, you want to make sure there is plenty of room for each person’s storage and sink space and the opportunity for privacy when it’s desired. When you remember these design tips, you can create a bathroom that two people can use at once without feeling at all inconvenienced. 

Storage Space

Enough storage is essential. When designing a bathroom for two, each person should have enough room for their toiletries, electronics, towels, and other items without creating a mess. Installing a linen tower can help keep towels close at hand for either person. 


Lighting should always be set up to be even and bright no matter where you are standing in your bathroom. Separate mirrors over the sinks, complete with their own lights, are a great way to provide visibility to each person as they groom themselves. 

Double Sinks 

A double-sink vanity is essential when you design a bathroom for two. As every person’s schedule and bathroom routine is different, you don’t want to make this large bathroom inaccessible because the single sink is being used. When you install two sinks, each person can use their sink whenever they want. You should keep a maximum run of 30 inches between the centers of the two basins to allow you to tie the sinks into a single waste line. 

Toilet Design 

You may design your bathroom to sequester the toilet to provide more privacy when desired. A half-wall or glass block wall can help separate the toilet without making the bathroom feel cramped or confined. 

Showers and Bath 

There are numerous shower design options available today. You can think about what features you want in your shower or bath and find the one that works best for both people. You may even design a wet-room style bathroom that incorporates a tub and shower.

By considering these most important factors, you can design a bathroom for two that both people love and enjoy using.

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