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3 Things to Consider When Selecting Your Custom Home Floor Plan

T&G Builders custom home floor plan

Consider your lifestyle, future plans, and natural lighting preferences when designing your custom home floor plan.

There are thousands of factors to consider when building your custom home. At T&G Builders, our design team is here to guide you through many of those decisions. However, what you choose will come down to what feels suitable for your lifestyle and the future you imagine for your household. These factors, in particular, will influence the best floor plan for your home. So as you plan the big picture of your home – the custom home floor plan – consider how your lifestyle, future changes, and lighting preferences will influence your decisions. 

Your Lifestyle

Consider the lifestyle essentials for yourself and your family. Do you crave privacy or hope to entertain? Do you spend more time in the kitchen or the garage? Do friends or family stay over often? Your lifestyle will influence which floor plan best meets your needs. Your custom home builder at T&G Builders will be able to help you find the best floor plan for your needs once you know the answers to these types of questions. 

For example, if you prefer privacy but often have visitors, a bedroom close to the living room may feel disruptive. If you love entertaining and cooking in the kitchen, an open floor plan will let you socialize in both the kitchen and living room at once. If you have an extensive collection of tools or sporting equipment, a mudroom or large garage built to accommodate them will provide storage solutions. 

Future Household Changes

You must also consider the future when designing your custom home floor plan. If you are planning for children or elderly parents to move in, these additions will influence your home design. In these situations, the number of bathrooms and bedrooms is essential to figure out. New parents will want a nursery adjacent to their bedroom. If you live with elderly parents, however, those parents may want a suite with a small kitchen and space for independence. 

If you plan to age in your home, accessibility and safety are a concern for the future. In that case, you can make sure there are ground-floor rooms that can be converted to bedrooms and at least one handicap-accessible shower or bathroom when the time comes. When designing bathrooms and bedrooms, you want to ensure everyone has easy access to a bathroom. 

Natural Lighting Preferences

When designing your custom home floor plan, an important factor to consider is the placement of your rooms to take advantage of natural lighting and shadows—the orientation of your home will influence which rooms receive the best light. If you love waking up to natural sunlight, place your bedroom in an optimal location. 

If you want to create a relaxed outdoor patio space that isn’t under direct sunlight, you can design your outdoor space to sit on the other side of your house, where natural shade can be found. In some cases, you can explore unconventional floor plans to accommodate your lighting preferences. 

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