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Try These Unique Features in Your Custom Home Design

T&G Builders unique features custom home design

Create a custom home design with unique features like built-in shelves to add originality and style.

Building your own custom home provides you with rare freedom. You can design your home to suit your preferences and feature some unique home designs that aren’t available in many pre-made homes. When you work with T&G Builders to create your custom home, you have a knowledgeable partner who will help you determine the best materials and products to use in your new home. While choosing things like flooring and wall colors is essential, you don’t want to forget the potential for unique features. For instance, built-in shelves, outdoor kitchens, nooks, and pet-friendly designs are all elements that homeowners frequently enjoy. Are these additions right for your home? Read on to explore some of these possibilities. 

Built-In Shelves

While you can certainly add your favorite bookcases to any room, building shelves that are built into the walls of a room creates a significant impact. Built-in shelves provide a distinguished look and can be designed to hold your TV and speaker system and create ample space for your entertainment center. Whether adding décor and family pictures to your shelves or filling in your extensive library, built-in shelves provide unbeatable style, stability, and storage. 

Kitchen or Reading Nooks

Adding a cozy nook to any room will give you a nice spot to relax and unwind. You can use your nooks for breakfast, reading, or finishing that crossword. If you have beautiful views you want to enjoy, install windows in your nook to give yourself a good view of your backyard, waterfront view, or simply the sunrise or sunset. 

Outdoor Kitchen

If you add an outdoor space to your custom home design, an outdoor kitchen is a substantial asset. You can host a fantastic barbeque, with outdoor counter space for prepping those roasted veggies and spice rubs for your grilled meats. You can also add an outdoor table with enough seating space for your family and visiting friends. If you long to host others, an outdoor kitchen can help you create numerous summertime memories. 

Pet-Friendly Features

If you plan to have pets in your household, keeping their needs in mind when creating your custom home design can be beneficial. There are many unique features you may consider, including:

  • A pet-specific space: this can be a small room used to house specific pet-related features like food storage, a sleeping nook, and pet-friendly shower space. 
  • Pet-friendly flooring: Choose scratch-resistant hardwood flooring and other water-resistant materials. If you are installing carpeting, look for materials safe for pets that won’t snag on their nails.
  • Pet-accessible doors: Adding cat or dog door flaps throughout your home can give your pet the autonomy to visit their “pet room” or any other space without howling for assistance. On the other hand, consider adding custom gates for areas where you may need to prevent pets from entering.

You can add many custom features to your home to make it fit your household, down to the smallest furry family member.

Build Your Dream Home With T&G Builders

T&G Builders, located in Berlin, MD, has been a premier waterfront custom home builder and home improvement contractor serving Worcester and Sussex Counties for over 25 years. We are a locally owned and operated business known for our uncompromising commitment to quality, our passion for using innovative technology and premium materials to complete projects, and our exceptional attention to detail. In addition to building custom homes, we also specialize in remodeling your current house into your dream home! Our skilled team can assess your needs, determine the right design for your addition or improvement, and complete the entire construction process.

To see what your dream home could look like and receive a free home design, contact us today! Don’t forget to follow T&G Builders on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Houzz.

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