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4 Ways to Make White Cabinets Pop In Your Kitchen Design

T&G Builders white cabinets kitchen design

You can increase the appeal of your white cabinets by adding glass doors and a contrasting island to your kitchen design.

All-white kitchens are a popular and timeless kitchen design choice. They work for every style, both contemporary and traditional, and give you a blank canvas on which to add fun pops of colors and patterns. However, installing white cabinets in your kitchen design requires some additional features to make sure that the cabinets pop and don’t look flat or sterile. Fortunately, you can make many choices with the designers at T&G Builders to create the classic and stylish room you desire. 

Use Bold Design Elements

Cabinetry, countertops, and flooring are the primary design touchpoints for any kitchen. Then, you can add the details that make your design complete. You will want to look for visual details that can add some interest against the all-white backdrop. These details include:

  • Open shelving with a natural wood finish
  • Stainless steel rather than white appliance finishes
  • Use a backsplash with an elegant pattern or texture
  • Hang artwork, fill vases with fresh flowers and add colorful dish towels or pot holders

Try Creative Cabinet Designs

Some homeowners worry that an all-white kitchen will be too bland or cold. If you like how they look, you can add effective and warm glazed cabinets to avoid this “bland” appearance. This effect helps eliminate any washed-out solid white wall effect. 

Adding a tasteful glaze will also pick up on your cabinet angles, adding depth and dimension. Your kitchen design team can help you make the choice that works with the rest of your kitchen design. 

Add a Kitchen Island in a Contrasting Color

If you wish to add an island to your kitchen design, selecting a bold color that contrasts with your white cabinets can make a significant impact. This adds some visual interest and, depending on the placement of your island, can help you create a bridge between the kitchen and living spaces in your open-concept floor plan. A colorful kitchen island can keep your white kitchen from being too uniform and separate from the rest of your home design. 

Maximize The Potential of Your Kitchen Design

Installing white cabinets with glass-front doors is another way to add visual interest to your new kitchen, especially an all-white design. You can get creative and add glass-front doors to all of your cabinets or a select few. These transparent doors create a sense of spaciousness while letting you display your best dishes and glassware. 

If you are ready to design a kitchen with gorgeous white cabinets, start planning your dynamic new design with T&G Builders today.

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