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Your Guest Room Addition: Include These 4 Great Features

T&G Builders guest room additions

A guest room addition should have lots of privacy so your guests can feel a bit of separation from the rest of the house.

If you want to comfortably host friends or family in your home, adding a guest room can be a great home addition. If you expect these friends, or perhaps family members such as older children or in-laws, to stay for long periods, building a guest room addition that comes with more privacy and independence is even better. When you have extra people staying in your home, giving them their own space can be a way not to feel so crowded and to let them feel a little less like short-term guests. A few features you can include to make a great guest room addition include extra privacy, a personal bathroom, a kitchenette, and accessibility options.

Create More Privacy

When designing a guest room addition, you want to ensure that the room has enough privacy. This is not only to ensure the comfort of your guests but to keep your household and guests from feeling crowded by each other. 

When designing your guest room addition, create a space with as much privacy as the rest of the home. This can include good interior doors with working locks, with the room away from busy hubs like kitchens or living rooms. Depending on the placement of the room, you may even be able to install an exterior door that provides the guest with their own entrance. 

Install a Personal Bathroom

A personal bathroom is a guest idea for any guest bathroom. This extra feature can do a lot to make your guests feel comfortable and at ease. A bathroom attached to the guest bedroom gives your visitors privacy and won’t affect the established routine of the rest of your household. The guest bathroom can be relatively simple, but a toilet, shower, and sink with a bit of storage can do a lot to make hosting a guest more manageable. 

A Kitchenette

If your guests will stay for some time and are adults who crave independence, installing a kitchenette can be one way to give them more flexibility and autonomy during their stay with you. The most vital cooking features in a kitchenette are down-sized into compact spaces. The essentials are here, so your guest can fix their meals and live on their own schedule without disturbing the rest of the household.

Incorporating Accessibility 

If you expect to host older relatives, it’s important to think about the future. Incorporate accessibility into your design to give your guests the extra support they need. Wheelchair-accessible doorways and showers are helpful, as are nooks for medical equipment. Your home addition contractor at T&G Builders can advise you on some of the best accessibility features that can be incorporated seamlessly. 

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