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How to Build the Ultimate Spare Bedroom

T&G Builders spare bedroom

Discover how to design your ultimate spare bedroom this year.

Building a new home addition can do a lot to refresh your enjoyment of your home. Adding a spare bedroom is a popular choice because you can use this room for friends, family, or even a “staycation.” Extra bedrooms add value to any home, especially when equipped with an attached bathroom, storage space, and multi-functionality. If you are interested in building this home addition this year, read on to learn what elements are essential for the ultimate spare bedroom design. 

The Benefits of a Spare Bedroom 

The primary benefit of an extra bedroom is having a dedicated space for any visiting friends or family. You won’t need to shuffle rooms around or pull out an uncomfortable pull-out couch when your visitors wish to spend the night. However, this home addition also provides a few other benefits: 

  • Long-term value: You’re adding a bedroom to your home, which will increase your resale value. 
  • In-law suite potential: If your guest room is large and fully functional, it can be marketed as an in-law suite. These often include a bath and cooking space and can be a real asset. 
  • A multi-purpose space: Your spare room can be repurposed to fit whatever you may need at that time and can be a rec room, play area, or home office. 

Where to Build Your New Guest Room 

The three primary location options for your spare bedroom are: 

  • Detached quarters
  • Repurposing an existing space, like an attic or basement
  • An addition that is connected to your home

Each of these three options carries many considerations with it. We recommend discussing your options with your home contractor, who can help you analyze your property and make the best recommendations for your budget. 

What You Should Include In Your Spare Bedroom 

When designing your new bedroom, keep long-term value in mind. This doesn’t just mean resale value, but the value the room can provide to you on a daily basis. You may want to add the following features to your new addition: 

  • Bathroom: If it works for your budget, an extra bathroom is never a bad idea
  • Space: It’s better to have a bit of extra room than too little! To fit more potential guests, you may consider adding two twin beds rather than one queen or king-sized. 
  • Storage: A full-sized closet is always an attractive feature and can be a great storage space for guest linens, towels, and toiletries. 
  • The Best Flooring: Carpet may be comfortable, but hard surface floors are easier to clean and less likely to irritate allergies. 

By considering these factors and incorporating the best design features, you can build an excellent and high-value spare bedroom for your home. 

Build Your Dream Home With T&G Builders

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