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How to Determine the Function of Your Kitchen Island

T&G Builders function of your kitchen island

Consider the function of your kitchen island before you design your new kitchen.

Every successful kitchen design starts with a comprehensive plan. This is because it’s essential to figure out what you want your new kitchen design to be and how you want it to function. If you are planning to install a kitchen island, as many homeowners do, you should consider how that island can function. Kitchen islands can do more than act as extra counter space. In fact, this kitchen fixture can be designed to meet your precise needs and make your kitchen experience better than ever before. Before you plan your kitchen remodel, take these steps to consider what the function of your kitchen island will be and how you wish to design it. 

Determine The Size 

One of the best ways to determine how much your kitchen island can handle is by looking at the size of your new floor plan. Once you have that number, plan at least 36 to 42 inches of walkway clearance on every side of your island and see what you are left with. An island should, at minimum, be 42 to 48 inches lengthwise; otherwise, it won’t serve you very well. 

Determine the Function of Your Kitchen Island 

What is on your kitchen island wish list? This is the time to consider whether you need extra storage, a place to bake or serve food, space for an additional appliance, or more room to gather and socialize. Once you consider what you most want out of your kitchen island, you can start planning how to optimize this versatile kitchen feature

Select a Kitchen Layout 

The function of your kitchen island can help you determine the rest of your kitchen layout. If you are including an appliance or sink in your island, that will impact where you place other items in your kitchen. However, if you do not have those appliances in your island, you can be more flexible. 

To make your kitchen more efficient, you may try placing specific storage cabinets near your central work zone. For your primary sink or countertop, you may plan to install that in your island for a balanced look that lets you plan storage around it. Your cooktops will need utensil dividers and pot and pan storage nearby. Additionally, you will want a cutlery divider or trash pullout near your sink, so plan accordingly. 

Get Help From the Professionals 

Planning a new kitchen can be overwhelming, as numerous vital decisions must be made. This is why working with the experts at T&G Builders is recommended for a satisfying remodel. Your home designers can work with you to find practical, stylish, and cost-effective solutions that give you the kitchen–and kitchen island–you want. Additionally, our team can make sure that your home follows all safety guidelines and regulations so you can enjoy your kitchen for years to come. 

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