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4 Kitchen Layouts to Consider For Your Home

T&G Builders kitchen layouts

One of the best kitchen layouts is the “L-Shaped” Kitchen combined with an island counter for maximum entertainment space.

Your kitchen is the heart of your home, where every household member goes to find food, drink, and socialization. If your kitchen doesn’t feel comfortable or suited to your home design or family’s needs, you may consider remodeling your home kitchen. When doing so, you may consider designing one of the four following kitchen layouts. These designs are suitable for various homes and provide you with plenty of opportunities for unique style and functionality. 

Galley Kitchen 

If you have limited space in your home to devote to a kitchen, or if you are a serious home chef who wants everything close at hand, a galley kitchen layout may be best. A galley kitchen includes two sets of cabinets that run parallel to each other, creating a hallway-like corridor that serves as your workspace. This layout is not ideal for entertaining but is best for those who want a serious, efficient workspace devoted to cooking. 

L-Shaped Kitchen

The L-shaped kitchen is perhaps the most popular of kitchen layouts. This is because this design is often appropriate for any size kitchen. You only need workspaces on two adjoining walls running perpendicular to each other. This layout allows for two cooks to work at once since no traffic flows through the kitchen. You may also incorporate a kitchen island that doubles as a workspace or kitchen table. The L-shaped kitchen often opens into a nearby room, which makes this layout great for entertaining. 

Island Kitchen 

There are a few kitchen layouts built for spacious homes. An island kitchen may be best for homes with an open floor plan, where kitchen space often doubles as entertaining space. The island counter placed in the middle of the kitchen serves as this layout’s key feature. This counter can serve as an extra workspace and a table around which many guests can gather. You can cater to form and function with overhead lighting that acts both as an accent piece and task lighting. 

U-Shaped Kitchen 

If you have a busy household in which lots of family members love to cook, often at the same time, a U-Shaped kitchen layout may be ideal. These kitchen layouts are best for spacious homes. The design features cabinets installed on three adjacent walls to create a “U” shape. The layout offers cooks a chance to create an uninterrupted work triangle, making your space significantly more efficient. 

If you are ready to create a kitchen that works for you, discuss with expert home designers which of these kitchen layouts may be best for your goals. 

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