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5 Trendy Bathroom Design Features

T&G Builders bathroom design features

Try out bathroom design features like curbless walk-in showers for more luxury and comfort in your bathroom.

Your bathroom is one of the most important rooms in your home, so it should be a space you enjoy. While changing a few accessories or paint colors may be a good start, if you want to make a huge impact on how your bathroom makes you feel, a few trendy bathroom design features indicate which way homeowners are leaning in their bathroom remodels. Bathroom design focuses more on comfort, accessibility, and luxury. If you want to update your bathroom with T&G Builders but don’t know where to start, consider adding these appealing features. 

Heated Ceramic Tiles

As you prepare to remodel your bathroom, consider bathroom design features that will make your experience more comfortable. Consider your flooring – no one likes walking across a cold tile floor in the morning, and relying on floor mats to provide comfort or soak up moisture is not always best. 

By installing heated ceramic tiles or installing radiant floor heating, you are providing maximum comfort. The floor will always be comfortably warm, and when you install waterproof and slip-proof tiles, you won’t have to worry anymore about slipping and falling. 

One Large Bathroom Sink

His and hers sinks have been popular for quite some time, but they take up a lot of potential counter space. When you install one large bathroom sink with multiple faucets, you gain more counter space for your personal items. 

Don’t forget about updating your bathroom vanity during your remodel. This is often the centerpiece of the room, and the cabinets and mirrors you choose will significantly impact the feel of the entire space. 

Curbless Walk-In Shower

If you have a smaller bathroom, a curbless walk-in shower may be a great choice because they are safe, easy to clean, and stylish. This shower option is accessible to all and removes a tripping hazard by eliminating the curb. 

Exhaust Fan 

While building codes require all bathrooms to have a fan or functioning window, if you have a window, you may not want to have it open during cold or bad weather. Installing an exhaust fan to remove excess bathroom humidity gives you a more comfortable option during those cold months. An exhaust fan can also be more efficient at maintaining the correct moisture levels in your bathroom and preventing mold and mildew growth. 

Motion-Activated Faucets

Motion-activated faucets are highly appealing if you want to explore modern bathroom design features. If you are conscious of water use, you don’t want to leave the tap running too long as you brush your teeth or wash your face. However, it can sometimes be messy or difficult to turn off the faucet when you’re doing something else. 

When you install motion-activated faucets, the water turns on in response to movement near the faucet. When you move away, the water turns off. This can be highly convenient and save you some precious extra expenses on your water bill. 

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