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6 Essential Kitchen Features for Home Cooks

T&G Builders essential kitchen features for home cooks

Install these essential kitchen features to make home cooking easy.

The average person will spend a certain amount of time in their kitchen preparing food every day. However, if you are someone who loves flexing their culinary muscles, you can spend several hours a week in your kitchen crafting elaborate recipes. If you long to explore new recipes but don’t have a kitchen with the space, storage, or appliances you need to make cooking a breeze, it might be time for a remodel. By designing a new kitchen with the following kitchen features for home cooks, you can be confident in your kitchen’s ability to handle every task. 

Abundant Counter Space

One of the worst problems you can have in your kitchen is a lack of usable space. In the past, a few counters may have been all you needed. However, more counter space is required with the increasing array of convenient and versatile appliances home cooks can use. Coffee makers, air fryers, slow cookers, and more can all take up valuable counter space you need to prepare your food. 

If you struggle to find that space, you can design a new kitchen with innovative counter usage. One of the most popular additions is kitchen islands which provide you with more storage options as well. 

Open Floor Plan

An open floor plan is best for any home chef. When crafting a complicated recipe or cooking several dishes at once, you will have to move throughout your kitchen with ease. Additionally, if you often cook with others in the room, you know it can be frustrating if you can’t maneuver easily. When you have an open floor plan, you also make room for visitors to sit and socialize with you as you prepare your food. 

A Convenient Workspace

One of your essential kitchen features is a convenient central workplace. Everything you use regularly should be within arm’s reach. Design with the kitchen work triangle in mind and situate your work area between the stove, refrigerator, and sink. 

High-Quality Appliances

Kitchen appliances will significantly impact the quality and success of your cooking. Many chefs prefer gas ovens because they often provide heat much faster and work better with all varieties of cookware. 

You will also want to install a deep sink to fill up and wash large pots without any trouble. Your sink may have two basins, or you might install a second sink on your kitchen island. When you cook a lot, you know that your sink fills up fast. 

Smart Kitchen Storage

Of course, one of your essential kitchen features will be storage and cabinetry. Make sure you have enough space for your equipment, dishes, pots, and pans, and install features like hooks to keep some items within reach. Consider open shelving and turntables to make equipment even more accessible. 

Resilient Materials

Kitchens endure a lot of use and mess, so they should be built to last. For instance, consider installing quartz countertops resistant to heat damage and scratches. Consider your floors as well. Tile flooring is often best, as it is easy to clean and more resistant to water damage and other spills. 

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