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How to Match Kitchen Appliances and Cabinets

T&G Builders match kitchen appliances and cabinets

When you want to match kitchen appliances and cabinets, stainless steel often goes with any color you select.

Your kitchen appliances and cabinets are two of the most important parts of your kitchen. They take up a significant amount of space in your kitchen and make an impression on this room’s style and impact. This is why matching your kitchen appliances and cabinets is essential for creating a cohesive kitchen design. You can select several finishes for your appliances, each more or less suitable to cabinet colors and designs. If you are curious about what will work well in your kitchen, remember the following tips for matching your cabinets and appliances. 

White Kitchen Appliances 

White appliances should only be used in kitchens with white kitchen cabinets. This creates a unified, clean aesthetic that homeowners often want when they choose all-white finishes. However, the design tends to look outdated if you use white appliances with kitchen cabinets of any other finish. 

Black Kitchen Appliances

When installing black appliances, you have a little more creative freedom as these appliances tend to pair well with a range of darker cabinet finishes. For instance, they pair well with both wood and painted cabinets. Avoid medium-tone wood cabinets, however, as they can create a strange contrast. 

For a black-and-white kitchen, black appliances and white cabinets may work together to create a creative balance. This can work well when the black color of the appliances ties into other aspects of the kitchen design, like the cabinets or light fixtures. 

Stainless Steel Kitchen Appliances 

Stainless steel is a popular choice for appliances because it looks great with many cabinet finishes. Whether you prefer white and ivory paints to medium-toned woods and dark finishes of all varieties, stainless steel can complement the design. If you want ultimate flexibility with your kitchen appliances and cabinets, go with stainless steel. 

Custom-Paneled Kitchen Appliances 

Ordering custom wood panels for your appliances may come at a higher price, but if you don’t want to worry about what finish to choose, this may be best. Custom panels for your appliances can seamlessly blend into your kitchen and create a more elevated style. You also don’t have to panel every appliance. Some homeowners may choose to panel only the refrigerator because it stands out the most while leaving the other appliances in stainless steel. 

There are many more options for your kitchen design than you may imagine. Designing your remodel with the experienced designers of T&G Builders can help you find the best options for your home. 

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