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The Advantages of a Curbless Shower

T&G Builders advantages of curbless showers

Discover the many stylish and practical advantages of curbless showers.

Your bathroom is an oasis within your home, a space to help you relax and prepare for your day or unwind in the evenings. If you are preparing for a bathroom remodel, and want to explore a few creative options, consider installing a curbless shower. This modern design gives you a more efficient, accessible, and luxurious bathroom all at once. Consider the following advantages that may make these types of shower ideal for your new home bathroom. 

Increased Accessibility 

While you may have no trouble stepping over the edge, or “curb,” of your shower or bathtub basin, for some, that poses a safety risk. A curbless shower removes that barrier, which may be ideal if you live with multiple generations in your home. Anyone with balance or coordination trouble doesn’t have to step over the curb to enter the shower. Anyone using a wheelchair or mobility aid can also easily enter a curbless shower. 

Wide Open Spaces

Smaller bathrooms can feel claustrophobic, especially if you install a bathtub that takes up most of the available floor space. When you install a curbless shower, your bathroom remodel can turn a small amount of square footage into a spacious, open bathroom. 

This shower design creates the illusion of more space because unnecessary walls and angles are eliminated. The ceramic tile shower floor surface in your shower can be the same as the rest of the bathroom floor, which creates a continuity that further makes the space look larger. These streamlined spaces are also psychologically soothing and help create a bathroom oasis. 

No More Shower Curtain 

Without a shower pan, there is no need for a shower curtain or even a door. Some people install a glass partition for their curbless shower, but it is not functionally necessary. 

Why is it beneficial to remove your curtain? Shower curtain liners can collect soap scum that bacteria, mildew, and mold need to grow and require washing to keep clean. Shower doors, made of glass, can become cloudy with soap deposits and require frequent cleaning. 

Removing the shower curtain means less cleaning and making your room feel larger without shower curtains taking up space and blocking light. 

Put Your Style on Display 

Curbless layouts are often installed in contemporary, minimalist designs but are not strictly limited to modern looks. You can explore a wide variety of textures, shapes, colors, and ceramic tile in your curbless shower to put your personal style on display. Without the barriers of walls and shower curtains, you can more easily show off the beautiful details of your ceramic tiles. You can discuss with your T&G Builders design team the best options for your curbless shower. 

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