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6 Ways to Add More Natural Light to Your Home

T&G Builders add more natural light to your home

Add more natural light to your home by adding more windows or incorporating glass French doors.

During the spring and summer seasons, there is plenty of opportunity for fun in the sun. Soaking up the natural sunshine during these seasons can be enjoyable, even when you’re not outside. However, if your home doesn’t have strategically placed windows or not enough windows, you may be missing out on letting in some gorgeous sunshine to your home. If you want to add more natural light to your home in the future, these home projects can help you do just that. 

Add More Windows 

Adding more windows is, of course, one way to add more natural light to your home. However, the placement of your new windows is vital for optimizing how much light enters your home. Discussing your ideas with an experienced home contractor can help you assess your home layout to determine the best placement for windows. 

You can also make sure your current windows are properly cleaned and free from trees or shrubs that obstruct natural light from entering your home.

Install Skylights 

Skylights can be a creative solution for rooms like bathrooms, where you would like more natural light but do not want to sacrifice privacy. They can also be used in hallways, where it may be tricky to find other placements for windows. 

Add Glass Front Doors or Install Sliding Glass Doors 

Another way to add more natural light to your home is by changing the door of your entryway. The entrance of your home should be welcoming and bright, not dark and dreary. You can let in more light to this area by adding glass to your front door and sidelights that run along the sides of your main entrance. If you are worried about privacy, you can select frosted glass options with numerous decorative effects. 

You may also add sliding glass doors to additional entry points. These doors let light in from another direction and serve as a focal point to draw attention to your beautiful patio or backyard. 

Replace Interior Solid Doors with Glass or French Doors

Adding glass to let in more natural light doesn’t just apply to your front doors. You may consider replacing some doors throughout your home with glass doors or French doors. 

These doors can promote a flow of natural light from room to room and make a hallway or narrow space feel more open without knocking down walls. 

Add Transoms Over Doors and Windows

A transom is a style of window that rests on the horizontal beam above a door or window frame. These decorative additions can add style to your home while letting in more light and offering privacy. When you add transoms over windows, you let in more light without changing your existing windows and while adding stunning style.

Widen Doorways and Remove Unnecessary Walls 

If your home feels like a dark “cave,” you may need more advanced measures to increase the natural light in your home. Widening doorways and removing unnecessary walls can help let in more light. Your professional home contractor will help you determine what is possible and most effective, considering your current layout. 

No matter what renovations you choose, when you add more natural light to your home, you will increase the enjoyment and beauty of your house. 

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