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What to Consider Before Designing Your Sunroom

what to consider before designing your sunroom

Consider these factors before designing your sunroom with T&G Builders.

A sunroom is a popular home addition for homeowners who not only want more space but who want a gorgeous new addition. Sunrooms are excellent for reading, socializing, and generally lounging around in your home. Designing the right features for your room is key to constructing a sunroom you will be satisfied with for years to come. Before you begin designing your sunroom, make sure to consider these three factors. 

The Location of Your Sunroom

Since a sunroom is meant to receive a lot of light, you will have to consider where you build it on your property. For instance, in the Northern Hemisphere, a south-facing sunroom will receive light all day. This will be wonderful in the winter when the warmth from sunlight is rare and cozy. However, in the summer, you will likely need to install blinds to protect your sunroom from overheating. 

An east-facing sunroom will provide light at sunrise, while a west-facing room will display sunsets. You will likely have three exterior walls, so it’s a matter of deciding which direction you want the longest wall to face. 

The Energy Efficiency of the Sunroom

When designing your sunroom, you should consider how it will impact your energy efficiency. You can help make your sunroom more energy-efficient by installing a mini-split HVAC system. This can be controlled separately from your previous HVAC system and will not require changes to the existing system. 

Your Sunroom Windows

A sunroom’s light comes from the abundance of windows installed on each exterior wall. It is essential to carefully consider which windows to install because they are the key to a satisfying sunroom. 

Low-E Windows

Low-E glass operational windows will reduce the fading of furniture and flooring from sun exposure, but it will also reduce solar gain, or the warmth transferred to inside your home. 

Direct Set Windows

A direct set window consists of a piece of glass stopped into a frame in a fixed position. A combination of direct set and operational windows is the best choice when designing your sunroom. But, if your budget is a deciding factor, you may consider utilizing stock sizes for the operational windows to minimize cost increases from any custom-sized openings. 


All windows, whether direct set or operational, should be insulated. This means that they have two panes of glass and air space in-between the panes. Two-pane windows have greater thermal performance than single-pane windows and help to make the sunroom more comfortable in both summer and winter. 

Once you consider the location, efficiency, and window style of your sunroom, it’s time to find your home contractor

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