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What to Consider Before Your Second-Story Addition

what to consider before your second-story addition

Read the following guidelines before planning a second-story addition to your home.

Does your house seem smaller to you suddenly? Perhaps you’ve taken in elderly parents or adult children. Or, maybe you’re still growing your family and need space as your children grow up. If your house only has one level, you may be able to add the space you need by building a second-story addition. Before you plan your second-story addition, there are benefits you should be aware of as well as factors to consider to ensure a successful construction. 

The Benefits of Building a Second-Story Addition

  • Adding a second story to your home can increase its resale value. Besides providing additional living space, building a second story can let you refresh the exterior look of your house. 
  • Adding space to your existing home means that you don’t need to move and uproot your life. If you have kids, this can save you many logistical headaches. 
  • You don’t need to give up yard space by building horizontally. A vertical addition will give you the living space you need and save you outdoor space for living and gardening. 
  • You will actually save some money by planning a second-story addition, because you will not need to add a foundation as you would with a ground level addition. 

Consider Your Neighborhood Before Building

Before you build your second-story addition, you should ensure that your new design is compatible with the homes in your neighborhood. You will want to be sure that the second-story addition won’t clash with the other houses on your block, as this can negatively affect the resale value. Additionally, you may have to get your addition approved by your HOA (Homeowner’s Association). 

Determine Second-Floor Heating and Cooling

Rather than attempting to extend your first-floor heating and cooling system to the second level, it is often better to include a separate unit in your second story. Your second story will be the hottest area of your home, so cooling is recommended. However, having a separate unit means you can shut off the heat or air if the second floor isn’t always occupied. 

Additional Second-Floor Style Considerations

  • Make sure that your second floor is in unison with your first floor. This means that the windows, eaves, and other design items are in correct proportion to the overall size of the house. 
  • Consider how adding a staircase will affect your existing floor plan.
  • If a second-story addition stretches your budget too much, you can consider a partial second-story addition. 
  • Determine how the plumbing from a second-story bathroom will connect to your existing plumbing.
  • Not all home foundations are strong enough to support more than one level, so you will need to make sure that your foundation is capable. Have a qualified structural engineer assess your foundation before you plan your addition. 
  • Determine if new sewer lines or electrical circuits can manage the load of a second story.
  • Inspect your local building codes and zoning ordinances to guarantee that second-story additions are allowed in your area. 

A second-story addition should always be designed to fit in as seamlessly into the original home design. T&G Builders has been satisfying customers for years by constructing second-floor additions that look as if they have always been there. 

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