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Home Remodeling Trends to Inspire Homeowners

An open floor home remodel

Open floor plans are a rising home remodeling trend that can inspire your next project.

If you haven’t updated your home in a while, it may be time for a remodel. Remodeling your home can be an exciting way to refresh your living space without doing something as extreme as moving. Below are home remodel trends to inspire your next project. Some of these trends have been growing in popularity for several years, while others are just beginning to make a splash in home remodels. Either way, these home remodel ideas will give you plenty of options for your next custom home project. 

Open Floor Plans

Open floor plans are a quick way to make your space look larger. They do make the “open” rooms less formal, however, but more cozy and versatile. This remodel plan is also useful for parents who want to keep an eye on kids in the next room. It is also a good plan for hosts who like their guests to be able to chat from room to room more freely. Finally, an open floor plan helps allow more light into your home.

More Windows

Speaking of more light, a trend in increasing exposure to natural light is on the rise. Simply replacing your home’s windows can make a significant change to your living space. Many older windows can develop a haze on the glass, and the frames can have layers of paint. Additionally, most newer windows are made to be more energy-efficient. This efficiency will make your indoor temperature more comfortable and save you money on your energy bill. A home remodel that replaces old windows with new, clear panes with crisply painted frames can give a room a whole new look. 

Master Bedroom Suites

The master bedroom has always been a grand sanctuary for homeowners. The master bedroom suite is something even bigger, popular with new luxury homebuyers. The suite can include a spa-like bathroom, his and her closets, and maybe an extra room that could be a study or nursing area. Master bathrooms can consist of an upgraded shower, double sinks, heated toilets, and heated floors. 

Smart Home Innovations

A home remodel can also include updating your appliances. Smart appliances are becoming more common, with many options for large and small appliances. Refrigerators can alert you when food items are running low. Coffee makers can be programmed to brew your coffee before you wake up. Lighting systems can adjust based on the time of day, and you can adjust them from your phone. There are also several “home assistant” devices that you can place in different rooms and sync together. 

Larger Gourmet Kitchens

Because kitchens are such a central part of the home, a lot of home remodels focus on the kitchen. They include: 

  • Updating to commercial grade appliances
  • More convenient sinks, including the ergonomically beneficial “farmhouse sink” and faucets that work with motion sensors
  • Linear designs, including on the backsplash, tiles, or on the cabinet handles. 
  • Marble and quartz countertops. The Calacatta marble provides a striking look to your kitchen if you can afford it. For a cheaper option, there are quartz countertops that offer the same look while being easier to clean. 
  • White cabinets continue to be popular, although gray is a close second, followed by navy and black.

Multi-generational and Universal Design

Multi-generational living is increasing, as grandparents may move in to assist in childcare, or an ill parent may need in-house care. Additionally, people want “forever” homes, which they can grow old in comfortably. Multi-generational living requires universal design, which will widen hallways and doorways to become wheelchair and walker accessible. Universal design will reduce tripping hazards in doorways and bathroom areas. This extensive remodel may also include building a master bedroom on the main floor for accessibility. 

Dramatic Accent Walls

One of the easier ways to remodel your home is through a fresh paint job. Accent walls are a great way to add depth and dimension to your room, as well as a fun burst of color. Dramatic and deep colors like dark gray, navy, and black are rising in popularity for accent walls. Dark accent walls can help make the room appear slightly larger, and can tie in easily with accent pillows or rugs. 

Intricate Patterns for Small Spaces

In small, defined spaces like kitchen backsplashes and powder rooms, the use of shapes and textures on an accent wall is increasing. Popular shapes include hexagons, chevrons, harlequin diamonds, and Moroccan tile shapes. These shapes can appear in tiles, wallpaper, area rugs, pillows, and window treatments. 

Convert or Add a Mudroom

A household with children may be interested in remodeling the main entrance area to create a kid-friendly “mudroom.” This room would be a space where kids can freely take off dirty shoes and coats. The mudroom can contain organizational cubbies to store their items for school or outdoor play. The room could also be an extra storage area for bikes and other outdoor equipment you want to keep an eye on. 

Home Office Remodel

If you work at home or are planning to, a home office may be a wise addition. You can convert an extra bedroom, den, or dining room into an office. Choosing the right color palette and furniture for the room can turn this space into a work-ready home office. 

Hardwood or Faux Hardwood Floors

Hardwood flooring remains the most popular choice, but you can also now get flooring that looks like hardwood. Faux hardwood is possible by using engineered vinyl plank flooring. This product looks like wood but has a cork underlayment, which provides a softer surface and insulation. The fake hardwood is also waterproof. 

Clean Lines and Simple Remodels

Streamlined designs are increasingly popular in home remodels. In the kitchen, this can mean removing upper cabinets. For painting and flooring, this means consistent colors throughout the house. Less intricate base and crown molding are preferred to excess ridges and grooves. Remodelers are also removing built-ins and bookcases or other furniture pieces that take up space or create a visual distraction. 

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