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Safety-First Home Remodeling Practices

T&G builders safety-first home remodeling practices

Explore safety-first home remodeling practices as you create your new home with T&G Builders.

If you are worried about creating a safe home for kids, adults, and older adults who reside in your home or plan to visit, there are steps you can take to design a house with safety in mind. These safety-first home remodeling practices minimize possible hazards without sacrificing beauty and style. If you are searching for home remodeling ideas, T&G Builders has suggestions for safe, stylish, and timeless remodeling decisions. 

Room-to-Room Accessibility 

An intelligently designed layout and traffic flow are ideal for providing a safe home environment that allows for accessibility for all. Prioritize features that improve visibility, encourage simple movements, and reduce possible accidents. 

Open Floor Plans

Eliminate unnecessary walls and barriers, and provide clear sight lines throughout different areas of your home. This visibility allows you to monitor activities and keep an eye on kids and pets. 

Minimize Narrow Hallways

When moving around is difficult, accidents are more likely to happen in small spaces. Design more spacious walkways that permit simple walking and the passage of furniture or mobility aids. 

Secure Stair Handrails

Install safe handrails on both sides of your stairs to provide stability and support to whoever is climbing or descending the stairs. The bars should be securely fastened to the wall or stairway construction and at a comfortable height. 

Slip-Resistant Flooring 

Safety-first home remodeling practices include consideration of the best materials that minimize slips, trips, and falls. 

Slip-Resistant Materials

Use slip-resistant material in high-traffic areas prone to accidents, such as bathrooms and kitchens. 

Water-Resistant Materials

Use water-resistant materials in spaces with water, including bathrooms, kitchens, and laundry rooms. Consider waterproof laminate flooring, ceramic, or porcelain tiles. 

Secure Mats and Rugs

Rugs and mats can be a tripping hazard if not correctly fastened. To prevent rugs and carpets from shifting or slipping, ensure they are firmly secured with rug pads or double-sided adhesive tape. 

Proper Lighting for Improved Visibility 

Developing a secure and safe home includes considering the best interior and exterior lighting. 

Comprehensive Lighting

You can create a safe, well-lit home by combining ambient, task, and accent lighting. Consider the following fixtures: 

  • Ceiling fixtures
  • Recessed lights
  • Adjustable sconces
  • Under-cabinet lights 

Motion-Sensor Lights

Outdoor spaces, stairwells, and corridors are ideal for motion sensor lighting. These lights prevent tripping or mishaps in dimly-lit locations and alert you when people enter these spaces. 

Bathroom Safety

Safety-first home remodeling practices will incorporate the best bathroom safety features. These features are designed for safety for people of all ages

Grab Bars

Grab bars can support people using the tub, shower, or toilet, preventing falls and potential injuries. 

Non-Slip Surfaces

Minimize the risk of slipping in the shower or tub using non-slip mats and adhesive strips. 

Kitchen Safety 

Numerous hazards can occur in the kitchen, so safety-first design is a must. 

Range Hood

Install a range hood above your cooktop for proper ventilation. It also helps remove cooking fumes, smoke, and odors from the kitchen and promotes a healthier environment. 

Hygienic Countertops

Certain countertop materials like wood and granite can harbor bacteria. Instead, use non-porous, easy-to-clean materials like quartz or solid surface countertops to prevent bacterial growth. 

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